Meet our new Sous Chef, Tyler Chavis

Zero Restaurant is excited to welcome Tyler Chavis to our team as the new Sous Chef. Tyler grew up cooking with his extended family in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and has been working in professional kitchens since he was just sixteen years old. He moved to Charleston in 2010, and earned his degree from the Charleston Culinary Arts School. Check out the following Q&A with Tyler to learn more about him, then head over to Zero Restaurant to taste his culinary prowess firsthand!

1. When did your passion for food and cooking begin?

“Growing up I was definitely a hungry kid, so I would say that my passion started from a love of eating. Also I grew up across the road from my grandfather who did a lot of gardening, fishing, and hunting. Being a part of taking the produce and wildlife we harvested ourselves and turning it into a meal that would bring people together played a big part in my childhood. My parents saw this at a young age and encouraged me to try cooking different things and eventually family dinner became part of my chores as a kid.”

2. What’s your favorite part about working at Zero Restaurant?

“My favorite part about working at Zero George and under Chef Vinson is that I’m always growing and learning. Setting ourselves apart from southern food makes us focus on other possibilities and opens our mind to a more unique style of food. It’s my way of getting a bit of New York experience but still be pretty close to my family.”

3. What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

“Since we do change the menu so much it’s hard to say what my favorite dish is in particular. Usually my favorite dishes are ones utilizing an aging or fermenting process. The flavors you get are very unique and it’s very rewarding to finally taste something you have been waiting for, sometimes for months.”

4. When you’re not at Zero, where are your favorite spots to eat in Charleston?

“I am kind of a man of routine when it comes to where I eat, and usually only getting Mondays off, so I’m limited to a lot of places I want to check out. I frequent HoM for a burger, CO for happy hour snacks, Dalesandro’s for pizza, Obstinate Daughter for special occasions, and Xiao Bao Biscuit is my go-to for dinner dates.”

Welcome to the team, Tyler!

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