Kathryn’s Wine Pick: New Years Eve

Looking for the perfect wine to cheers the New Year?

No one is more well-versed in wines than Kathryn Old, oenophile and manager of Zero Restaurant +Bar. Kathryn is a seasoned vino and pairing expert, we recently interviewed her to see how she plans  to ring in the New Year.

“For New Year’s Eve, I cannot wait to share Kiralyudvar Peszgo “Henye” with everyone. This is a sparkling wine from Tokaj, Hungary made from Furmint grapes. Most people know Furmint as a wonderful sweet dessert, so this wine is pleasant surprise on the first sip because it is a dry style of sparkling wine. Research has shown that Tokaj is one of the oldest wine making regions in the world. I n the 2000s, Tony Hwang visited the region and decided to buy and revitalize the vineyards. In 2007, they made the Peszgo “Henye” inspired by Huet’s Petillant. I start our tasting menu off with a glass of the Kiralyudvar, and guests are amazed when I say it is not actually champagne. For New Year’s Eve, it is a bottle that fits in the traditional category, but is a new experience. A bottle of bubbles from Hungary is an exciting way to celebrate the beginning of a new year.”

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